Ronald Reagan at Hero Way Site

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Location: The property is along the east side of Ronald Reagan at Future Hero Way Drive in Leander, Williamson County, Texas.

Size: The site is approximately 4.0 acres.

Zoning: Currently the site is zoned SFS – Single Family Suburban and SFR – Single Family Rural.  However, the City of Leander Future Land Use Map effective October 15, 2015, designates a Activity Center Node at the intersection of Ronald Reagan and Hero Way Drive. The Activity Center is intended for region-serving commercial, retail and office uses, high density multi-family and civic uses.

Jurisdiction: City of Leander and Williamson County Texas.

Utilities: Leander Water Utility serves the site. There is an existing 12-inch waterline located within the right-of-way of Ronald Reagan Boulevard.  Construction is currently underway on a 12″ wastewater gravity main located within the western right-of-way line of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and the right-of-way of Hero Way going west.  Construction should be complete within the third quarter of 2015.

Drainage: On site water detention pond will be required when site is developed.

Improvements:  The existing house, etc. on the site is considered to only contribute interim value in a buy and hold situation.  Otherwise, improvements do not contribute significant value and this advertisement is for only the land.  

Site Assessment:  Click link for site assessment.  17600RRBlvd_KBGE SA 2015.2.

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