About Us

Duncan & Shelton Commercial is a boutique commercial real estate brokerage company that specializes in land brokerage.  Originally founded in 1985 as Duncan Commercial, the company became Austin’s premier land brokerage firm specializing in sophisticated commercial land brokerage transactions.

Today, the firm is comprised of Patrick Shelton, majority owner; Joe Duncan, owner; and Reagan Wood, agent.  Joe and Patrick have worked together on numerous high-profile and complex land transactions since 2005, and have helped clients survive the latest economic recession with their creativity, perspective, and reality-based strategies.  Reagan is is a former land development engineer, and enjoys tackling complex deals that have unique entitlement constraints.

The company serves clients with in-depth knowledge and counsel that exceeds the experience and scope of larger brokerage firms.  Duncan & Shelton’s unique combination of experience in – and knowledge of – the Central Texas land market is invaluable when evaluating and negotiating on behalf of their clients, and their research-oriented collaborative approach makes them the best in the business. Duncan & Shelton Commercial values its reputation for integrity, professionalism and community involvement.