About Us

Unraveling the Complexities of the Commercial Land Market

In today’s Central Texas commercial land market, there is no shortage of companies that are ready and willing to buy and develop land. Rather, there is a scarcity of developable sites. Add to that the difficulties associated with valuing land and securing approvals, and sellers or buyers will find themselves in need of a true land specialist who can help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

For over three decades, Duncan & Shelton Commercial, LLC has been the premier commercial real estate firm specializing in the selling and buying of land. As such, D&S is uniquely positioned to guide its clients through transactions that are highly technical and deceptively complex. No firm in Central Texas has deeper land roots or more relevant experience.

D&S has gained a wealth of experience with high-profile transactions across all product types. Its professionals also have technical backgrounds in key aspects of the development process. D&S draws on this experience and expertise to understand market patterns, assess land value, address regulations and entitlements, and identify the ‘highest and best uses’ for every site. All these skills are necessary to achieve optimal results for clients.